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It is spring!! The weather is warmer, the days are longer and summer BBQ’s are on the way. When I think of spring I think of flowers. I don’t just think about visiting the local florist but I remember a magazine called Bloom.

I have only had the pleasure of viewing this magazine in real life a couple of times (as it is pricy for a magazine) but it has left a lasting impression. Bloom (still in publication) is a statement magazine. Art and high end fashion meets flowers. The photos are pure fantasy of fantastic floweral arrangements, from close ups of buds to floral instillations and floral motifs.

Bloom is not just a great inspiration for its fantastic blooms, photography and styling the colours are rich, playful, harmonious, striking and fun. Bloom is memorable for its combination of colours, lesson in tone, repetition and form. Pure eye-candy to kick start the creative design process. To enjoy some of Blooms work visit here.

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