INFO NIGHT | october 15th

Info Night 2020

INFO NIGHT | 15 october 2019 2020 INTAKE Start your journey into the design industry by joining us for an info night! Ask any questions you have about curriculum, dates, prices, career opportunities etc. “Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.” – Edward de Bono […]

WORKSHOP | rustic wreaths & native arrangements

The Storekeeper & Co are joining up with some locals to bring you a gathering at the foot of the Watagans with like-minded folks to nourish your souls and get your hands creating. Elissa, master floral designer from Wandering Flora, is a local from the Lake Macquarie area, who puts heart into everything she creates. […]

CREATOR & MAKER | frances burke

Frances Burke was born in Melbourne into a family who was involved in the textile industry. She studied at Melbourne Technical College now known as RMIT, National Gallery School and George Bell’s school of painting. Her training at Melbourne Technical Collage with Michael O’Connell greatly influenced and nurtured her passion for fabric printing. Today she is a well known textile designer […]

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT | kathy langlade

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT | kathy langlade From conquering her fear of public speaking in high school to creating comic books, Kathy’s love for art has driven her to explore new territories and push boundaries within herself. While working fulltime, as a hobby Kathy created a series of painted prints, greeting cards and comic books to sell […]

MID YEAR INTAKE | interiors, events + graphic

MID YEAR INTAKE CERT IV INTERIORS, EVENTS + GRAPHIC JOIN US for an awesome night, meet some of our HDS trainers and industry people. Ask any questions you have about curriculum, dates, prices, career opportunities etc. EXPLORE HDS purpose built + exciting studio spaces DISCOVER industry hacks + how to be your own boss GET […]

FREE WORKSHOPS | colour & style

Explore and experiment with colour and style in one of our FREE workshops in January. Understanding Colour & How it Applies to Your Interiors  The impact of colour and how it makes us feel is such a personal thing and we need to make sure we get it right.  Colour can make you feel bad […]

INFO NIGHT | january 4th, 11th & 18th

The facts are, more than half a million Australians now work in the creative sector, making it one of the fastest-growing, most dynamic segments of the national economy.  Everything we do, wear, use, see and read has been designed.  Our future will be built on design thinking and innovation. Join us to discover how you can […]

SPOTLIGHT | the bigger picture project with bonnie gray

Say hello to Bonnie Gray and ‘The Bigger Picture Project’, where she collaborates with other artists to raise funds for the Gosford Shelter. Designing and creating only 14 individaul Italian leather pieces with the utter most colour affection and hand crafted attention. Each case is created to only cause quickened inspiration for all artists, designers, writters, hairdressers and make up […]

GRAD SHOW | pathways and crossroads

HUNTER DESIGN SCHOOL STUDENTS PILOT PATHWAYS AD CROSSROADS WITHIN THE CREATIVE INDUSTRY Join all HDS students from 2017 as they celebrate and present their portfolios and work in an exhibition, taking you down a pathway of discovery as you encounter their works, designs and products. [icon color=”Accent-Color” size=”small” image=”icon-calendar”] WHEN Friday 15th December from 6pm […]

INFO NIGHT | thursday 19th & wednesday 25th january

YOUR FUTURE IS NOT DEFINED, it is the result of your choices and actions. Dare to Disrupt the norm, BE DIFFERENT – DO DIFFERENT Join us to discover how you can design your future. Thursday 19th & Wednesday 25th of January, 5.30 – 7.00pm Please RSVP via email or online events Refreshments brought to you […]