We call them courses, but really they’re a pathway for a generation of courageous, curious and conceptive minds, ready to drive the economies of the future to change the world.

It’s about the whole training environment, where you have the opportunity to stand out and change the world around you.
Our students are liberated and empowered to think differently. We teach you how to think, not what to think.

HDS courses are flexible, fully supported by industry, accredited and loads of fun, but serious enough for you to become the expert who is highly sought after.

The facts are, more than half a million Australians now work in the creative sector, making it one of the fastest-growing, most dynamic segments of the national economy. Everything we do, wear, use, see and read has been designed. Our future will be built on design thinking and innovation.

Check out our courses below and begin your creative career today.

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