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This year our Diploma of Interior Design students were given the amazing opportunity to work alongside Premier Tennis. The goal was to come up with a fun, creative design for the Mudgee Tennis Club.



Melanie and her husband Mario recently took over the local tennis club. With a dream of seeing their love of Mudgee and tennis combine into the perfect mixture for this country town.

It’s not just about tennis for this couple but about supporting local winery’s and other small businesses in the area. Their aim is to help enrich this community and its tourism.

Tennis in the Vines



The brief called for a design that represented Mudgee and its growing sporting culture. With a new design and Melanie’s passion this tennis club is sure to become a key fixture in Mudgee.

This is where our Hunter Design student’s come in. After a few renovations and fresh ideas this building is sure to come back to life.


Mudgee Tennis Club



Congratulations to Kayla Rodway for your winning pitch for the renovations to the Premier Tennis Club!

Kayla took inspiration for her design straight from the tennis court itself. Referencing the use of line, that is not only seen on the court, but in the net and even on the tennis ball.

Kayla’s used this element to allowed her design to connect to each space. With this in mind the design allowed every room to have its own individual feel and identity.

On the 14th of June 2020 Hunter Design School visited the The Tennis Club to officially present the winning design. Along with this presentation Kayla and the other HDS representatives helped the Tennis club put together their upcoming promotional display for the ‘Tennis in the Vines’ concept.


Mudgee Tennis Club moodboard

Mudgee Tennis Club one-point perspective drawing

Mudgee District Tennis Club one point perspective

Kids corner one point perspective drawing

STUDENT Kayla Rodway
COURSE MSF50218 Diploma of Interior Design 2019/20

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