Rule Breaker: Florence Broadhurst

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It’s an accomplishment in itself to impact your time & generation, but to have enduring popularity and style, which exceeds trends and decades, is an incredible feat. Imagine if the work you created today shaped the industry you work in 50 years from now. Such a remarkable achievement can be claimed by the influential Queensland born designer, Florence Broadhurst, best known for her recognisable wallpaper designs.

Florence’s story began in rural Queensland, where she was born and raised on a cattle farm. Although Florence did not let this stop her from making a name for herself; trotting the globe as a flamboyant performer, a music & dance teacher in Shanghai, socialite, an influencer and an international business and studio owner at the age of 60!

We believe there’s a lot you can learn from the trailblazer that is Florence Broadhurst and the power of being a creative rebel!

Florence shook the Australian design industry in more ways then one. After Declaring “Australia to be afraid of colour” she set out to revolutionise the conservative design industry of her time. With notorious ambition, Florence launched her handprint wallpaper studio in Sydney, going on to produce over 500 top-selling wallpaper designs.

Florence revolutionised wallpaper design, by abandoning the conventions of mass production and traditional. Her prints known as ‘vigorous designs for modern living’ launched the industry into new horizons, transforming spaces into luxurious, timeless and artistic living areas.

We love how Florence wasn’t afraid to question the industry, pushing the boundaries and captivating attention through the bold, brash, scale and colour of her designs, which were far beyond of her time. We believe that you have the creative power to disrupt the industry and fuel innovative theories, ways of thinking and doing for not only this century but centuries to come, if like Florence, you aren’t afraid to step outside of the norm and break, redefine and transform the rules.



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