Rule Breaker: Florence Broadhurst

It’s an accomplishment in itself to impact your time & generation, but to have enduring popularity and style, which exceeds trends and decades, is an incredible feat. Imagine if the work you created today shaped the industry you work in 50 years from now. Such a remarkable achievement can be claimed by the influential Queensland […]

Creative Rebel: Ana Saiao

When your creative confidence is pushed, simply push back harder. Ana Saiao wasn’t always a jeweler, colour consultant or interior designer. Before moving to Australia in 2010 Ana was living and working in Portugal as a Pharmacist. A career, which she was encouraged to pursuit under the guise of her parents, who believed that she, could […]

Industry Game Changer: Marcus Westbury

Marcus Westbury, a revolutionary writer, broadcaster and director is responsible for some most innovative and progressive cultural events and projects, across Australia. Returning home to Newcastle in 2008 after living in Melbourne, Marcus was horrified by Newcastle’s urban decay, describing how streets that he had previously remembered to be “vibrant, active, and filled with family […]

Revolutionary: Harry Seidler

Harry Seidler, the man who revolutionised Australian Architecture. Since his passing, Harry Seidler continues to remain one of the most influential and controversial figures in Australian history. Harry based his work on three key principles: social use, technology, and aesthetics. Striving to challenge conformity beyond societal conventions and assumptions. Harry Seidler’s infamous 81 metre, Blues […]