Inspiration : Living amongst the trees

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As all kids do, they dream of an incredible tree house, way up high.  So high no one can see you, but you can watch the whole world, sort of like a spy. It’s a place where the wind blows your hair, the sun warms you on those crisp mornings, and you can smell and hear all those little wonders around you.

However, in reality my childhood didn’t consist of the amazing big tree high up in the sky, but rather a dirt patch under the small Cyprus Pines on our property, marked out by a couple of old bricks. My brothers were a little more creative, digging tunnels in the side of creek banks, carving the sand and dirt to form dwellings and secret places where they couldn’t be found.

They dreamed BIG and WILD,  nothing stopped them from experimenting and ‘just doing’ the crazy ideas they collaborated on.

CHALLENGE YOURSELF.  Consider how to use the environment within your design?  How can you take the shapes of things you love and use them?  What about texture or colour?  You may not have the big tall tree, but you have an opportunity to create the dream in a unique and different way with what you have.

What did you dream about when you were a child?  How would you turn those imaginary ideas into reality?

farrow-partnership-architects-treehouse-1.jpeg.662x0_q70_crop-scale redwood throncrown chapel

frank loyd   Chris Tate’s Forest House photograph by Patrick Reynolds for New Architecture Magazine   Villa NM a stunning residence designed by Dutch architect Ben Van Berkel of the firm UN Studio

tree-shaped-homes-forest-suburbia-konrad-wojcik-2 524faae435561 Juvet Landscape Hotel West Norway

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