Creative Rebel: Ana Saiao

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When your creative confidence is pushed, simply push back harder.

Ana Saiao wasn’t always a jeweler, colour consultant or interior designer. Before moving to Australia in 2010 Ana was living and working in Portugal as a Pharmacist. A career, which she was encouraged to pursuit under the guise of her parents, who believed that she, could never have a creative career. This was mainly due to the high academic and research based education system in Portugal, which places high recognition on careers in medicine and law. Ana found herself trapped between two worlds, her dream of working in the creative industry and reality.

After moving to Australia Ana, decided to dive into the creative industry, defying her family’s expectations, studying a Certificate IV Design in Colour and Design at The Hunter Design School.

This course embraced Ana’s unique eye of colour, texture and form, equipping her with the skills and knowledge to transform her passions into a successful and progressive business in the form of Tuga by KZ and career as our extraordinary Cert IV in Design trainer at The Hunter Design School.

Ana is proof that you should never give up on your dream when someone pushes your creative confidence. You have the power to change the industry, transform interactions, challenge the status quo and shift perceptions, so why give up on your dream because some said you couldn’t do it? We dare you to push back harder, make a difference and convince them they’re wrong!


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Sources: Tuga By KZ

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