JAPANDI | A Hybrid Blend of Perfection

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Japandi Style is the combination of Scandinavian and Japanese Design. It showcases a focus on function driven spaces while highlighting beautifully crafted statement pieces.



This trend has slowly been gaining appreciation over the last few years, with design experts predicting its rise in 2020. So, let’s break this style down.

Japanese interiors showcase a timeless sense of elegance with a sleek minimalist style. Its use of rich tones breaths warmth into spaces that could otherwise feel quite cold and bare. While Scandinavian design highlights the use of rustic elements that uses a mixture of neutral hues, woods and pops of pastel accents.

Japandi design stands out from other Scandinavian or Nordic design trends as it’s a little less casual and a little more sophisticated.

The mixture of these two styles allow for the perfect blend of minimalism and warmth. While also shining a light on its underlining emphasize on sustainability as it turns away from fast fashion and extensive décor items.


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When designing a space using this style, Japandi rooms commonly start with a darker neutral base. Then through integrating a mixture of light natural woods, and darker black hues allows for contrast and visual interest.

Accent colours for soft furnishings are normally seen in a monochromatic range that allow these rooms to create a sense of harmony. However, a few vibrant colours can be added through natural sources such as house plants and other greenery.


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Japandi is also seen as more than just an interior style or trend but as a philosophy.

The Japanese ethos of Wabi-Sabi shows beauty in imperfection, while including elements of simplicity, intimacy and the integration of natural objects. This ethos perfectly describes this design principle.


image 6


It’s easy to see why this style has been gaining so much attention over the last few years. With its effortless sense of sophistication and comfort I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of Japandi style in the coming year!


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