Student Feedback Form

As part of our continual improvement at HDS we endeavour to identify any issues, complaints or praise around lessons, trainers and or other random things around the school.  This gives us the opportunity to reflect on the expectations of students and our obligations as an RTO.


We find there can often be a thread of feedback from a certain class that doesn’t translate over to another set of students studying the same subject or unit.  For example, there may be one class commenting there is too much work and the level of learning is not required, then another class saying the opposite, feeling they are not learning enough to get out into the market place and work in the industry.


Hunter Design School is regarded as a quality training school, and is recognised for the value our students bring to employers and the industry.  With many students now leaving studies from many RTO’s and universities with little or limited skill, indicates HDS students are completing a more holistic approach in their education and we hope this is something you are focused on too.


We appreciate your time to complete this feedback form.

Student Feedback Form