Heads In The Clouds Designs is a business that produces unique and original paper products including greeting cards, wall hangings, prints, custom artworks and invitations. It was born out of Naiomi’s lifelong addiction to paper products, her love of the written word and her passion for arts in all different forms.

The name was a light hearted response to all the sensible left-brained believers that see creatives are somewhat “airy-fairy”, “purple-woo-woo”, “dreamers” who have their heads in the clouds instead of their feet on the ground.

As all things in life, Heads In The Clouds Designs was an idea/opportunity born from a major upheaval in my life. Naiomi had spent her entire career in the one job as a manufacturer for an international mining company and when it closed it’s doors in 2013 a path was lit straight to the big yellow door in Parry Street.



What’s your signature style?

My favourite thing to do is turn my artworks and sketches into paper products. Instinctively what I love to do is marry positive quotes, words and affirmations with relevant and sometimes abstract drawings, transforming them into visual inspirations. I truly believe in the power of pictures and words. In a world where anxiety and negativity has a powerful hold I hope to shine a light on the positive awakening that is happening in our overall consciousness.


What inspires you?

People stepping into their potential inspires me the most. Those people fearlessly stepping into their own greatness. This can take shape in many ways, whether it’s someone starting their own business, or leaving an unhappy relationship, travelling overseas despite a fear of flying, starting a new career, going back to study, smiling in the face of serious illness; all these things trigger my shine. I love watching courage evolve in my fellow spirits.

I’m also incredibly inspired when I’m connected and that can mean a million things; family, a great book, a walk on the beach, a conversation, a good meal.

I encourage people to be present, taste the food they eat, listen to the morning sounds, feel the sand, notice the birds – When you do these things you will feel connected and inspiration will spill over into everything you do.

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Where can we find your work?

I have created an Etsy Store and I frequent the Market Scenes around the Upper Hunter, Port Stephens and Newcastle.

My work can take me in many directions from logos to invitations. The majority of my work is doing customs for clients who are looking for something unique and personal as a gift for someone they love.

My favourite custom that I’ve made was a drawing for a friends daughter of her and her horse, Annie, and at the moment I’m working on a custom water colour logo for a client who is a tarot reader.


What’s the future look like for Head’s in the Clouds Designs?

I’m currently mind-mapping for my website and online store. Getting that up and running is my next step. Design and creation is such an organic process and I am really eager to continue creating, continue designing and see where it takes me.


How did your studies help you hone your skill?

What I have learnt through studying with HDS has been invaluable – Having a keen eye for composition or an instinctive understanding of colour isn’t enough to create purposeful design, it’s a start but it’s not enough. Having studied at HDS, under the nurturing guidance of the teachers there, I was able to really understand what makes good design. I was presented with real life briefs that have helped me to set up a business that can cater to the needs and desires of my client.


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What was the learning process like at HDS?

HDS places you in the thick of things from the start. I felt like this was going to be a huge adventure and I wasn’t disappointed. Immediately you are given a sense of comfort that you’re surrounded by like-minded individuals, other students who you can relate to on a creative level. You are instructed by highly skilled and passionate educators who offer serious industry experience and during the course you are presented with real life scenarios that will help you on a professional level.


Any advice for aspiring students?

My advice for students would be to trust yourself, let go and be a vessel for your creativity. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself. Sometimes you go in with a specific goal or an idea in mind but don’t let that get in the way. Go with the flow you never know where it may lead you. HDS provides you with a stage, the props and even the audience, just remember that you and you alone can choose how the script is written.


Follow Naiomi’s journey on facebook or instagram @headsinthecloud or purchase some of Naiomi’s products find her on etsy


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