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Hunter Design School is delighted to welcome our newest trainer, Ana, to the team.
Ana will be training our latest group of students starting in July.

So who is Ana….

Ana has dreamt of becoming a designer since the age of 15 however her parents encouraged her to study pharmacy as it had promising career opportunities in Portugal. So she attained her Pharmacy degree in 1998 and has been working in academia since 2002, lecturing and coordinating courses for Pharmacy at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
Whilst she has had a successful career in pharmacy, Ana has always remembered her true passion. She has said, “Being able to study Design has given my life a totally new meaning. I have finally started to discover a new me and the journey has been amazing!  I have realised that there are no boundaries to creativity, imagination, innovation and empathy when creating new values. Nothing beats goal setting to support you achieving a successful future and conquering your ambitions!”


Ana loves travelling. She finds it gratifying to meet different people and to absorb their unique culture. “Every country has its own smell, taste, shapes and colours… I adore registering all those senses and elements and applying them to create unique concepts and ideas.”
Constantly searching for inspiration in her everyday life, she can be found with her notebook and ipad, sketching and taking photos of things that grab her attention.  “I specially enjoy taking a minute to pause and observe nature. It is a great way of getting ideas for new colour schemes!”


“I am keen to share experiences and knowledge with people as passionate as I am for design. I think it will be a win-win process since everyone has a different life experience to share. I will definitely learn and grow as a person and an educator.”

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