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Since leaving school, I have had a varied career path. From Hairdressing to night club security, I have been looking for a career to satisfy my passions.

While living and working abroad, I submerged myself in the many different cultures that were as far removed as possible from my own. I enjoyed everything about these countries the smells, the food, the colour, the art and simply experiencing the everyday lives of the people.

This experience really stimulated my mind and creativity, so when I returned home I wanted to bring all I had learned into my world.

Along with my partner we started to buy old homes and renovate. Sometimes restoring to original features and sometimes blending the old with the new and modern. I made the decision that this was my new career and then had to find a way to learn all there was to know about the industry.

I was lucky at this time to be introduced to Donna and The Hunter Design School. I started studying first the foundation course and then followed with the diploma in colour and design.

I loved every minute of my school life and every week I was learning something new. I was able to stretch my mind and unlock the creativity that many of us have hidden away.

Since, I have started my own colour and design business that is growing steadily. Thanks to my study and life experience, Spice by Jodi can offer colour consultation, Interior Design and Styling and in partnership with my husband building project management.

If Interior Design is something you have always wanted to do check out the Hunter Design School, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Jodi Thomas

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