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Emma O'Byan wrapping paper

Introducing Emma O’Bryan, the Student Spotlight for August.

Emma is one talented designer! Currently halfway through her Certificate IV in Design (Graphic Design) course, we caught up with Emma and asked her to share an assessment with us.  Read on to find out about her new skills and see how she expresses her creative personality through design.


Emma O'byan picture


What inspires you?

I’ve always been a sucker for great branding. I find that I am more likely to buy or pay attention to a product if the branding is good!


What do you wish to accomplish with your designs in the future?

As I come from a marketing and communication background, I am sure graphic design will always play a part in my work.

I feel like doors are already opening for me since starting the course. I’ve made two wedding invitations plus a logo and branding. I have also started drawing pictures of people’s dogs.

By December I know I will have the confidence and knowledge to potentially produce for other people. I am excited to see where the wind takes me with my designs.


Emma Obryan pricess diaryEB Process Diary EB Process DiaruEB Process Diary sketches

What is the learning process like at HDS?

No two weeks are the same at HDS. We are always learning something new and interesting. To be honest, I have enjoyed pretty much everything we’ve studied!

I love working with both of my trainers, Jennifer and Katrina. They are both so knowledgeable and have definitely opened my eyes to parts of design that I had never previously considered.

Gift wrap final


What has been the most exciting thing you have learned or felt since starting the course.

Learning to use Illustrator has been life changing for me, I use it almost every day.

It has been so exciting to create my own vector images. As I mentioned above, I’ve also started drawing people’s dogs which in brings me so much joy.


Any advice for aspiring students?

If you’re like me and has considered taking a course for a while, just do it!

I thought about doing a graphic design course for a number of years, and since starting with HDS in Feb I haven’t looked back.

I was passionate about design before starting the course but lacked confidence in my abilities. Now I feel like I have that confidence and am seeing myself achieve so much more than I ever anticipated.

Emma OBryan dog vectorEmma O'Bryan dog vectorsEmma O'Bryan dog vectors

Thank you Emma O’Bryan for sharing your work!

Certificate IV in Design Specialising in Graphic Design 

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