SPOTLIGHT Islander Pendant Shade

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Natalie Long, owner and creator of Bowerhouse, is inspired by her own journey to discover her passion and doing the things she loves best…travelling, collecting and creating.


Natalie has designed and curated a collection of rattan products, including this oversized rattan Islander Pendant Shade.


                                product_image_islander_pendant-2__xlarge       b63f8f9973c863aa27e195c2d1404847

As she traveled the rural areas of Indonesia, Natalie found her inspiration for the Islander Pendants from the traditional rattan baskets and pendants she discovered. Collecting some old baskets, she worked with the artisans to come up with the form and structure for her pendants.


               product_image_campaign_barrel_side_table_wenge__xlarge      product_image_island_baby_pendant_light_black__xlarge 

Working in collaborations with the artisans in villages of Java Indonesia, her rattan designs are a mix of vintage decor paired with a modern aesthetic, utilising traditional craftsmanship. 

Bowerhouse aims to help you love the way you live and create a home filled with treasured items to inspire and bring joy. 

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