Revolutionary: Harry Seidler

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Harry Seidler, the man who revolutionised Australian Architecture.

Since his passing, Harry Seidler continues to remain one of the most influential and controversial figures in Australian history. Harry based his work on three key principles: social use, technology, and aesthetics. Striving to challenge conformity beyond societal conventions and assumptions.

Harry Seidler’s infamous 81 metre, Blues Point Tower apartment block is a powerful example of this goal. The apartment block thrusting up from McMahon’s Point, Sydney harbor was the first tall building to be registered under the Strata Titles Act. Although continues to be wildly regarded as “one of the ugliest buildings in Sydney” due to modernist design and continues to have numerous calls to tear it down.

A more famous piece of architecture is the Rose Seidler house, the most talked about house in Sydney back in the 1950’s. Again, Harry took architecture to a new level, introducing open plan, large spans of glass and low pitched roofs. Completed 65 years ago, architecture now resembles many of the elements Harry challenged and forged. Ideas that have revolutionised how we design today.

In order to achieve great design, we believe you must challenge perceptions, inspire original ways of thought and revolutionise the standard way people see the world around them. In our opinion, Harry Seidler’s infamous Blues Point Tower and the famous Rose Seidler house are just two of the many designs that have achieved this. Whether you love it or hate it, you cannot deny its innovation.

Like Harry, strive to take risks, challenge your perceptual capabilities and others and become a revolutionary.



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