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SnowRugs has worked with the Hunter Design School since 2009, initially offering a Rug Design Award and, more recently, an Award for complementary rug and cushion designs.

me | me is the next generation of SnowRugs, and has recently opened in an amazing space in Darby St.

With a focus on everything that’s beautiful, natural, hand made and Fair Trade, they support a network of men and women in Nepal and India as we as local crafts people, artists and designers.

You’ll find wondrous items displaying colour and texture including capes created from recycled saris, lampshades made from tree-free paper, cute finger puppets hand crafted by a women’s co-op, cheeky hand painted sneakers and some gorgeous glass and silver jewellery. Plus the eye catching handcrafted rugs and cushions from SnowRugs.

If you want to be reminded of the great work done by HDS students, check out Christiane King’s stunning Eucalypts cushion design – just the latest HDS student to win the SnowRugs Design Award.

Be sure to check out me | me at 7/115 Darby St (behind Darby Raj and next to Missy Mou); open every day except Tuesday; or give them the thumbs up on facebook.

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