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designer profile – Tim Neve
Newcastle’s own Tim Neve discusses with Hunter Design School his role as a stylist, latest projects, trends he loves and his number one tip for designers.
After studying Set Design at NIDA and establishing a flourishing advertising business, Tim sought a career that combined both of his skill sets and broke out on his own as a Stylist in 2008. Tim was searching for a hands on job and his background in design lead him to extend branding from just print to visual merchandising, retail/hospitality schemes, styling for magazine & TV shoots and location scouting. Tim describes his style as modern organic, with a neutral palette and a touch of eastern influence. Beyond styling for magazines such as Real Living and Home Ideas Magazine Tim has a growing client base as a stylist and consultant for retail and hospitality.
One of Tim’s recent projects was the visual scheme for Sanbah surf wear store at The Junction. Tim’s process includes asking his client to produce a scrapbook of elements and details, which represent the look and feel they wish to create. After some market research Tim produced mock ups of the store with a shopping list of products.

Products are selected from a range of sources both high & low end and also custom made by Tim. Tim worked alongside shop fitters to realise the design and create a strong brand experience for Sanbah. Tim’s hands on approach included sourcing Turkish tiles and second hand surfing postcards and maps. These finishing details create unique elements, interest and add personal touches to the interior. The end result is a very light, natural open space created using light colored wood, laser cut screens, pattern and texture. Tim continues to work with Sanbah styling the windows on a regular basis.

The latest trend Tim loves are the use of raw wood finishes from stools to lap top covers. Tim is also enjoying organic shaped stools and furniture made of driftwood timbers.
Tim’s number one tip for designers is to stay true to your own style. If you follow your passion in design you will carve your own niche in the market and become an expert.
Thank you to Tim for taking time to chat with Hunter Design School. To see more of Tim’s work visit

what do you do when you have a design block?

You know the feeling. It’s 3 in the afternoon and you are trying to push through a project but the juices aren’t flowing. Rather than reach for a cup of coffee why not play. Play can come in many forms such as: doodling in a scrapbook; playing tourist along your street, capturing all of the details and the bigger picture on camera; building works of art from cardboard boxes from around the house; splashing some paint on canvas; borrowing the kids Lego to build your dream home.

Play is great for liberating and freeing the mind to solve design problems. Next time your blocked take the pressure off and have some fun.


You no longer have to wait in anticipation at your letterbox for your magazine fix. Jump online and Google emags. Emags, as the name suggests, are electronic magazines. Like print magazines there are many varieties to suit everyone’s taste and also like print magazines the format is often similar. Emags are popping up on such topics as fashion, food + entertaining, kids, weddings, design and even Buddism. Most are free, at the moment, with only a handful asking for a small subscription fee. As technology changes and such devices as ipads and other viewing devices become more common it is likely these online magazines will become increasingly popular.
Below are a few emags to get your browsing started:
Lonny Magazine the oldest emag
Australian emag est. (above image courtesy of est)
High Gloss Magazine

student profile – Jodi Thomas

Since leaving school, I have had a varied career path. From Hairdressing to night club security, I have been looking for a career to satisfy my passions. While living and working abroad, I submerged myself in the many different cultures that were as far removed as possible from my own. I enjoyed everything about these countries the smells, the food, the colour, the art and simply experiencing the everyday lives of the people. This experience really stimulated my mind and creativity, so when I returned home I wanted to bring all I had learned into my world.
Along with my partner we started to buy old homes and renovate. Sometimes restoring to original features and sometimes blending the old with the new and modern. I made the decision that this was my new career and then had to find a way to learn all there was to know about the industry. I was lucky at this time to be introduced to Donna and The Hunter Design School. I started studying first the foundation course and then followed with the diploma in colour and design. I loved every minute of my school life and every week I was learning something new. I was able to stretch my mind and unlock the creativity that many of us have hidden away. Since, I have started my own colour and design business that is growing steadily. Thanks to my study and life experience, Spice by Jodi can offer colour consultation, Interior Design and Styling and in partnership with my husband building project management. If Interior Design is something you have always wanted to do check out the Hunter Design School, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.
See Jodi’s work at

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