inside industry designer profile – Marianne Westall

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Embracing a Material World

After completing a degree in Fashion and Textile design at UTS in Sydney, and subsequently many years of commercial studio design management- Marianne currently operate her own Design and Consulting business here in Newcastle.

The number of techniques, concepts, applications and potential uses for textile design are endless. Textile design is where art is brought to fabric, and its end use determines our level of creativity, direction and restraint in the design process.

Marianne develops her designs in both freehand and digital media, producing prints and graphics across the local, national and international clothing scenes.

With 20 years of industry experience, Marianne has a wealth of knowledge from trends both at home and overseas, and has the ability to translate and apply those key movements to her designs.

As part of the Inside Industry Night series the Hunter Design School welcomes guest speaker Marianne Westall on Wednesday 21st September, 7pm at 555 Hunter St Newcastle.

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