Industry Game Changer: Marcus Westbury

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Marcus Westbury, a revolutionary writer, broadcaster and director is responsible for some most innovative and progressive cultural events and projects, across Australia.

Returning home to Newcastle in 2008 after living in Melbourne, Marcus was horrified by Newcastle’s urban decay, describing how streets that he had previously remembered to be “vibrant, active, and filled with family and friends had fallen into disrepair and despair.”

These experiences lead Marcus to create ‘Renew Newcastle’, the urban renewal project, which is rescuing run-down vacant buildings, scattered around our city into unique spaces for creative enterprises, artists and cultural projects. Check out the images below to discover how our city has evolved over the years with the help of Renew.

We love how Marcus is a catalyst for change. His revolutionary idea has transformed Newcastle’s creative and cultural scene, opening an array of possibilities and opportunities. Like Marcus, you too can change the game, all it takes is an idea and action. You have the creative power to stifle complacencies, which stops creativity dead in its tracks.

Newcastle before Renew:

2009+Empire+Site 2008+Aug+Upclycing2008+Aug+Pawnbroker


Newcastle today:


Vitullo-Art-The-Emporium-Edwina-Richards-Photography-2153-1024x683 rn-185HunterSt-121011-pcMarniJackson-130121-pcBoonyLoahajaroenyot Screen-Shot-2015-09-14-at-12.05.45-am

Sources: Renew Newcastle & Marcus Westbury

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