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Local designer, Shane Delonix is excited to be embarking in his own extraordinary project in Carrington.

Shane has worked as a graphic designer for close to 20 years in both publishing and advertising. Having also studied interior design and fine arts, he has now designed and will be undertaking the project management role for his latest project.


His proposed development is for a small two storey terrace style house that is reminiscent of a miner’s cottage in the inner-city suburb of Carrington.
With memories of that dreadful June long weekend, the 2 bedroom house has been raised off the ground to keep it above flood levels. Not wasting any area, he has used the space underneath for storage and a rain water tank.


Taking into consideration privacy, outlook and direction of natural light, windows have been placed well above the height of most adults. They will catch the light without seeing into the neighbour’s house or yard.
He plans to plant a mass screening of trees and native plants to provide further privacy and create an intimate outdoor area.


Shane’s gathers his inspiration from the local area and natural textures, creating absolute beauty to awaken himself and others.

We are so excited to see the completion of Shane’s latest project.

If you would like to know more about how Shane can help you with your design, contact him on (02) 4358 8811 or

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