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Luke Burrell is a director of Mezzanine, a very talented conceptualiser and designer, he started his creative career at a very early age inventing, building and taking things apart. For over 14 years Luke has been running this successful strategic-creative studio in the heart of Newcastle working on creative strategies for local, national and international small business, large corporation and government.

Luke is a perfectionist with an unconventional mindset. Over the past decade he has inspired and implemented many initiatives within the creative industry, including co-founding Final Post, helping form the Hunter Design School, and recently building Innx: Innovation Exchange. He has an unusual ability to know the way forward without a compass, and he sees potential in everything, which is what makes him so good at what he does. As he would say, “To be an innovator you have to be a dreamer, and to be a dreamer you have to think differently”.

Luke is not only passionate about graphic design but also for architecture and interiors design. He has plans and a dream to one day build a sustainable home that’s both practical and beautiful.  He has an amazing little family with his wife Carla, son Milo (3 years old) and daughter Lotte (1 year old), who are continually dreaming about the perfect eco home….and some sheep.

luke and carla

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