ASW ART-SYSTEMS Twenty Twenty Vision

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Twenty Twenty Vision at the Art Systems Wickham Gallery is an exhibition about future visions. Well known local Artist, Graham Wilson, has brought together twenty people from varied creative ­elds.
These twenty people range from Architects, Writers, 2D, 3D and sound Artists, Graphic and Interior Designers. Many people in Newcastle hold strong opinions about where the city is headed and what we need to make the city a better place. Twenty Twenty Vision gives twenty creative people the opportunity to give their vision of what Newcastle could look like in the year 2020.

The year 2020 is less than 8 years away so we are not talking about a world with ‑ying cars, jet backpacks, or teleportation machines. Instead what is to be presented are creative solutions to abandoned buildings, empty plots of land, new spaces and new ideas. Creative people, by their very nature, are inclined to oer creative solutions. The twenty contributers are;
Beverley Anastasiou, Shane Blue, Caelli Jo Brooker, Michael Chapman, Varelle Hardy, Jodie Kell, Mark MacLean, Paul Maher, Keo Match, Gina McDonald, Brett McMahon, Sheena Roberts, Mandy Robinson, Peter Shaddock, Alison Smith, Braddon Snape, Wayne Thompson, Matthew Tome, Joey Trongchttham, Chris Tucker and a contribution by the curator Graham Wilson. 

The Exhibition will open at 6:30pm on Friday the 8th of June 2012. For any extra information please use the contact information below.
curator Graham Wilson ph. 02 49578303 m. 0466543199 email.
Gallery Director Colin Lawson m. 0422115154 email.
40 Annie Street Wickham, Newcastle, NSW, 2293

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